Thursday, June 19, 2014

My First Rotation!

Hey guys!

It's here! I am finally on my first rotation of pharmacy school!

For those of you who know me personally, you'll know how much I have been looking forward to the start of this rotation. That's because it is my first pediatric medicine rotation. I started on May 19th at a local children's hospital here in Atlanta. I love it! It really has been everything I hoped it would be.

For this post I thought I would give you a little "day in the life of a fourth year pharmacy student". Though all rotations are different, many hospital rotations have a similar structure and so I thought I'd tell you about my experiences.

5:00 AM:
     Rotations start early! Time to wake up and get moving. It's going to be a busy day!

6:00 AM:
     Time to hit the road. Atlanta is a bit known for it's traffic so I like to get on the road early. It means a little less sleep but I never get stuck in the car for too long.

7:00 AM:
     Arrive at the hospital and head for the pharmacy. This is the time to prep for rounds! Every day I pull medication lists for all of my patients, read any progress notes/labs/etc. from the day before and preform mediation reconciliations. This is also a great time to research anything I don't understand and make note of anything I think could be changed to improve care of my patients.

8:30 AM:
     Head to rounds. Rounds at this hospital are slower than most. While most people would that sounds like a bad thing it's actually really great. That's because this is a teaching hospital. I round daily with an attending, residents and medical students. We discuss each patient in full and enter the rooms to do physicals and talk to the patient. It gives me the opportunity to ask questions and answer some myself. It's also amazing because it gives me the opportunity to show medical students what I know about medicine and allow them to see what great resources pharmacists can be.

12:00 PM:
     Lunch! The cafeteria is amazing at my current site (the BEST southern food) but some days we walk down the road to a little market to eat. It's a great time to relax for a bit and enjoy being in Atlanta in the summer. They also have an Atlanta favorite: a King of Pops stand.

1:00 PM:
     Head back to the pharmacy for the afternoon. The next few hours can be a mixed bag depending on the day. This is a time dedicated to working in the pharmacy (this pharmacy has an outpatient part), counsel patients, do research or work on projects. This block some of my projects include topic presentations, journal clubs and a pharmacist education project.

4:00 PM:
     Time to head home and get ready for the next day,

I really love this rotation so far. They have been so kind and generous to me and it's made this rotation such an amazing learning experience. I really can't wait to go in everyday.

Though I don't want this rotation to be over, I also can't wait to see what my next rotation (Pediatric Research) will have in store for me.

Talk to y'all soon!


Friday, June 6, 2014

P3 Class Dinner

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you all some photos of my amazing friends, classmates and professors who have made such a difference in my life over the last three years.

Here are some of the pictures from our official class dinner as well as some from my last few days on campus:

I miss them all already!


Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Big Wrap Up

Hi guys!

The last few weeks of classes went by in a flash and now we're here at the end. I can't believe it's really time to start the move towards rotations.

It is simultaneously one of the scariest and most exciting times of my life.

That being said, today I wanted to talk to you all about the final semester of our program and the testing we do before we start on rotations to assure we are ready to head out into the real world.

Spring semester of the third year of pharmacy is a busy one. We start with a series of end-of-program classes like Law & Ethics and Capstone. Classes like these are designed to help us round out our years of drug therapy and review everything one last time. It's also designed to be a chance for us to revisit topics we don't feel confident in the first time and practice our presentation skills (which we will be using constantly on rotations).

This year's Capstone class was a great success. It was a mix between review classes on major topics in pharmacy (cardiology, total parenteral nutrition etc.) and group case presentations. I was lucky to get a great group to work with during this class and they made the whole process so much fun.

After classes wrapped up we started the testing process we needed to complete to finish our third year of pharmacy. The major components of the test were the written portions (including a medication therapy exam and a math exam) and the live-practice portions (including medication compounding portions, patient counseling and timed case presentations). Before I started I was so scared! But when I look back, I had no reason to be. Really! The purpose of the capstone class is to prepare us for these exams and rotations. By the time the tests came along, with a little bit of studying I was definitely ready.

It's incredible to say that I am officially done with my last year of pharmacy classes! Now the next (and maybe the hardest) step will be saying goodbye to all of my amazing friends while we all head in different directions for the year.

Here's a photo of some of my amazing friends (literally) jumping for joy to be done with classes:

I'll post again soon with photos from our P3 class dinner!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello Again!

Hey guys!

I wanted to take a second to talk to you all about my hiatus from the blog. As anyone in our program knows, the end third year is an incredibly busy time. With daily projects, presentations and our high stakes exams coming up I decided to take some time to focus on my most important project: getting through school successfully.

Over the last few months I have really enjoyed all of the requests I have received to pick the blog back up full time. And of course I have had a lot of great experiences I want to share with you. Please stay tuned as I talk about some of the great things I have coming up.

Thanks for continuing to stop by!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day

Good morning!

Second semester of my last year of pharmacy classes is in full swing and I've been super busy. This week we have had some crazy snowy weather here in Atlanta so I'm taking advantage of the impromptu break to post. I've been wanting to give you guys a peek into the classes I'm currently taking so here are some of the ones I'm taking this semester:

Integrated Therapeutics IV: This is the final term of our Integrated Therapeutics series. For those of you who have never heard of Integrated Therapeutics, it is a sort of combination class where we first learn the pharmacology of a disease state (what drugs are used to treat it and how they work), then the medicinal chemistry of the agents, and finally drug therapeutics (how and when to use the medications). Right now in IT IV we are learning oncologic (cancer) therapy. It's really challenging as you can imagine but I've been surprised by how much I like it. One of our professors in the class is an oncology pharmacist who recently finished her residency in oncology in Chicago. She's a great teacher and has definitely made me more interested in the field.

Toxicology: This class is very similar to our IT classes but it focuses on the toxic capabilities of various agents. This semester we've covered topics like environmental toxins as well as drug toxicities that affect different organ systems. It has been really eye-opening to see how many things can easily become toxins. It's probably my hardest class this semester but it's really interesting.

Biologics and Biopharmaceutics: I think most people have read (or at least seen) recent articles online about topics like nanotechnology and gene therapy in the advancement of medicine. This class focuses on how those (and more!) recent technologies are being implemented in medicine. We also talk about recent advancements and the new technologies that are currently being developed.

As you can see there is a lot going on for us at the moment. Luckily for us we're getting a little bit of a break to catch up due to the weather.

I'm leaving you guys with a photo of my driveway at the moment to prove I am staying inside today (and blogging) for a reason.

Wish me luck getting out eventually!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Picture Update

Hey guys!

I finally got my pictures in order from ASHP Midyear and I wanted to share them with you. 

All dressed up and excited to finally be here!

Waiting for our keynote speaker...

 Colin Powell!

Everyone is all dressed up for the showcase.

 The Exhibit Hall

 Our little trip to the happiest place on earth!

And my favorite part... our group in front of the Hogwarts Express!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays!


I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! This year I decided to stay home in Georgia so I'm having a great time just spending time with my family and friends and of course my little dog Goofy.

I think he's excited I've been spending so much time with him...

Hope your breaks are as good as mine!


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